Posted by: jt | June 8, 2010

shut the fuck up

Clearly, we need a fucking list.

1. I am grateful for long, rambling conversations with my mom.

2. I am overwhelmingly, unfathomably grateful that my mom has taken control of her life and her mental health and doesn’t cry every five minutes any more. Or AT ALL.

3. I’m grateful for Kevin, who came up in conversation last night and has been on my mind all day today. I so got the best deal in all the silliness that went down a gazillion years ago.

4. I’m grateful that I have a job, even if I’m sick of it.

5. I’m grateful for people who make me smile, just by clicking “Like” on a Facebook post.

6. I’m grateful that I have PRESENTS to look forward to SOMETIME and that I have no idea when, so coming home every day is a little bit exciting.

7. I’m grateful that I have people in my life who I can be real and honest with.

8. I’m grateful that I’m CAPABLE of being real and honest.

Take that, grey skies of Seattle. I’m grateful that I KNOW THERE ARE PLACES WHERE THE SUN SHINES.

And, goddammit, I’ll get there.


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