Posted by: jt | June 8, 2010

bring your friends, it’s fun to lose and to pretend

Another grey day in Seattle draws to a close. It’s JUNE.

In all fairness, I did unwrap the wool scarf I was wearing when I walked outside to get lunch today.


I’ve reached the end of my tolerance with this bullshit weather and even more so – MUCH more so – with Seattleites who insist on defending it. For fuck sake. 50s and raining in June SUCKS ASS.

I’m a Minnesota girl. I know shitty weather. In January, in February, in OMG March, when it’s grey and gross and FUCKING FREEZING, you bitch about the weather. You can’t change it, it sucks, the show must go on, so you bitch. It’s called coping.

Seattleites seem to take negative comments about the shittastic weather as a personal affront. To paraphrase Dooce, Jesus Fucking Christ, grow some goddamn self esteem already.

Criticism OF THE SKY is not personal.

My criticism of your inability to acknowledge reality, that you may take personally.


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