Posted by: jt | July 24, 2009

a carnival of idiots on show, you’d better lie low

I am annoyed. Hard. Core. Annoyed.

A couple of weeks ago, I ended up quite inadvertently Twittering an event sponsored by my place of work. Based on that stream of Twitterhea, I ended up with ~10 new followers. Having recently sat through a board (honestly, typo: bored) meeting in which The Powers That Claim To Be decried the dangers of “Tweeter,” I decided to offer a bit of evidence that OH MY GOD, THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE ANTICHRIST AND MIGHT BE A USEFUL MARKETING TOOL.

I deleted the links to my account, edited out any times I had Jesus fucking, and sent the Twitter stream to the relevant people in my office, explaining that I am on Twitter anonymously and will remain as such. I thought I made it quite clear that Twitter is my private space and is not connected to my work life.

Apparently this was not so clear.

One of my co-workers immediately began following me and after a couple of days of thought, I blocked him and locked my account. Since then, I’ve received two – two – requests from my place of work to follow me. Obviously, I’ve declined them both.

I’m also annoyed because I feel like this space is now corrupted, since I link here from my Twitter account.

It’s not that I post anything on the web that would, could, or even should get me fired. Hell, I don’t even have anything that would fit that category at this point. Sure, I have my annoyances with my job, but everyone does and mine aren’t particularly concerning.

I actually sent the link to this blog to my former boss while she was still my boss, mostly because she and I share a sense of humor and I thought she’d enjoy some of what I post here. (And she’s a good friend and I trust her with the personal content here.) I’m not hiding anything. I blog openly enough and my writing style is distinctive enough that, if you know me or much about me, it’s quite clear who I am.

That’s not the point.

This is a place where I try not to censor myself. Much. There’s nothing here that’s detrimental in any capacity, but there’s a lot here that’s personal. I don’t need people I supervise or who supervise me knowing the inner workings of my brain unless I choose to share them.

That’s my issue – this space is non-anonymous on my terms.

Or it was.

We’ll see.

I’ve toyed around with abandoning this space and setting up shop with a blog that I could let my family read as well, which would definitely mean more self-censorship, but it would alleviate the feeling that I’m hiding something from people that I care about…And all of this is pretty moot anyway until I recover from moving and have enough money to, oh, get my laptop fixed so I can write outside of work.




  1. Oh so my job is not the only place where they call it “Tweeter!” Good to know!

  2. Also about your laptop. This is probably a stupid question and you have probably already checked, but just in case – have you asked if they will fix it for free? The Apple Store fixed mine for free -I don’t know why, but I didn’t complain!

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