Posted by: jt | April 13, 2009

robed in flowers of blooming spring

Yes, I am posting about the Obamas’ new puppy.

I can’t help it – it’s too too adorable.

bo1_blogLook at him!  He’s wearing a rainbow lei!

It’s an adorable puppy, wearing a gay pride Easter lei. You cannot expect me to not flail my hands above my head and eep with happiness.

What, it’s not a gay pride Easter lei, you say? Nuh-uh. You don’t get to rain on my happy little parade of fabulosity. For the first time ever gay couples were invited to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. It’s a Yay! Gay! Easter lei!

On such a cute widdle puppy. Wook at the cute widdle puppy in his gay widdle Easter lei.

With all of the NOM, 2M4M, AmazonFail what the fuckery of late, this just makes me happy, Happy, HAPPY!

As if that weren’t enough (um, so clearly, it is), they released this photo, which makes me happier beyond anything rational:

bo_running_blogThey’re just so real. So authentic. I mean…is it “presidential” to run through the halls with your new puppy? Probably not. Is that exactly what you do with a new puppy? Um, yeah. Because they’re cute and they’re widdle and you want to see them run and get excited. Oh, yes you do. Yes you do! With those cute little white paws, you do!

And then your mom gives you a stern look and tells you not to rile up the puppy.

Seriously, is there more than this? Because I have rainbows (and unicorns) exploding out of my ears right now. And there is because someecards had to get in the game with the most perfect card about this silliness:


Okay, Bo appears to only be white on his paws, but…oh, how I love someecards. Hi. Larious. As always.

Quick question though…how long do you suppose it takes for Fox “News” to start commenting on the ego/arrogance/bullshit that…the dog’s name is Barack Obama’s initials. That’s, um…okay?

Since I’m quite certain Sasha and Malia probably had naming rights, I’m going to assume there are other reasons. Or maybe their dad is gone a lot and Bo’s a cheeky, deliberate stand-in. Whatever.

So freakin’ adorable. *flail*

I love everything about this puppy. Love.

And yes, I’m pulling from an Easter hymn for this title. It feels appropriate. And I’ll see you in hell.



  1. It’s an adorable puppy, wearing a gay pride Easter lei.

    That’s the first thing I thought when I saw that picture, too! :D

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