Posted by: jt | February 27, 2009

but the words get in the way

I’m not going to say anything about the content of this article (click through as you wish) because I’ll keep climbing higher and higher on soapboxes until I fall off in exhaustion. Instead, I just want to note that even editors at the BBC fuck up. In their defense (or defence), the time stamp is for the wee hours of the morning.


Still. Free of speech, indeed.

In other news (yes, literally), this article on etymology is interesting, particularly the bit on words that are “dying.”

For example, “dirty” is a rapidly changing word; currently there are 46 different ways of saying it in the Indo-European languages, all words that are unrelated to each other. As a result, it is likely to die out soon in English, along with “stick” and “guts.”

But how will you ask a child if they need their diaper changed? There is no better phrase than, Do you have dirty pants?

Dirty is far too good of a word to lose. Use it, people! Get dirty!



  1. I really doubt that dirty, stick, and guts are going to die out any time soon. That’s some pop-linguistics going on.

  2. I know. I suppose I could understand losing “stick” in terms of adherence, but it stands alone as something you poke with. “Branches” and “twigs” are different. A stick is a stick.

    Also, with a word like “chopstick” and the abundance of them, it’s not going far.

    It’s really just an excuse to tell people to get dirty. In whatever sense you choose.

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