Posted by: jt | February 8, 2009

where my thought’s escaping

I think I’m in stage 3 of culture shock with Seattle. Last weekend hit hard with the notion that I wanna go home and it hasn’t really subsided yet.

Stage 1 – Honeymoon – That was me driving down streets and literally squeaking with joy that, I live here!

Stage 2 – Frustration – At work I’m following rules that aren’t mine that I don’t like. Worse yet, I’m having to lead and enforce said rules. I am adapting, but bleh. Also, plow your goddamn streets when it snows, Seattle.

Stage 3 – Depression – I wanna go home.

I’ve been here for two months now and I feel like this is probably pretty much on target for where I should be. At the moment, I’m accepting the fact that I wanna go home.

Perhaps I could shorten this to, I want a home. I haven’t felt like I’ve had a home to go to since I left St. Paul, two years ago. I’m thinking that I’m just going to stay where I am – it’s comfortable, a good neighborhood, I’m actually kinda-sorta-mostly okay with the thought of having a roommate, and it’s more space than I’ll get anywhere else. After four years of studios, I’m ready for space. I need to start nesting.

But, home. This is still home.


Houses on the block next to my apartment building.


Coffeeshop / bookstore / Congresswoman’s offices, two blocks from where I lived.


A random statue of Mr. Nathan I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country Hale in a park two blocks from my apartment.


My favorite little hideaway to sit (or sprawl) and read. It’s like a piece of Europe that even most St. Paulites don’t know exists.

Yes, I still think of it as “my apartment” even though I haven’t lived there in two years. I told you, I need a home.

I like Seattle. I’m glad that I’m here. But it’s not gonna feel like home yet. It can’t. St. Paul was home for nine years and…it’s a good home. There’s a reason – no, there are a lot of reasons – why Minnesotans go back.

Seattle is a very cool town and I’m excited to explore it more.

But today, I just wanna go home.

Update: Pandora tormented me with three playings of Vienna while I was working tonight. Seriously, three? Guh. If I don’t go home to St. Paul after I make my mark in Seattle, I’m going home to Vienna for a while.

I live in Seattle. I live in Seattle.

And I like it here. I really do.



  1. Come home JT, you wont have to worry about Norm being your senator :) Minnesota misses you.

  2. Just dropping in to say…


  3. :-)

    Ah, I feel the love.

    Y’know, I’m working on making Seattle feel like home. It will. A piece of me will always be in St. Paul and I’ll be back there someday, but Seattle is good. Really good. It just takes time AND WORK to make a home someplace.

    And even I can’t deal with the Minnesota Senate race at this point. As if I didn’t have enough reasons to loathe Norm Coleman before. Ugh. I just hope this finishes his political career.


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