Posted by: jt | February 3, 2009

this is my country…

Dear U.S. Department of State,

As it appears to have escaped your notice, I wish to cordially inform you that the current Chancellor of Austria is Werner Faymann, not Alfred Gusenbauer.  Given that this is a relatively recent change, with Mr. Faymann only having been sworn in as Chancellor on December 2, 2008, I am sure you will adjust the official information provided by the U.S. Government to its citizens and to the world in due time.

I assume that you have an expectation for similar timeliness and courtesy from the Austrian Government. One can only hope that they still publicly recognize George W. Bush as President of the United States and Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State. Clearly, that should be in effect until, at least, March 20, 2009.

Most respectfully yours,



Three things:

  1. Jesus fuck.
  2. I’ve taken flak for referring my interns to the BBC Country Profiles instead of the DOS Background Notes. Can’t imagine why I’d do such a thing.
  3. Jesus fuck.


  1. Speaking of the US Dept. of State

    I thought of you when the Daily Show showed that clip of all the State Dept. employees applauding Hillary Clinton. For multiple reasons.

  2. I can’t imagine why. ;-)

    I’m really, seriously pissed off about this. We pay people – our tax dollars pay people – to sit at a desk and KNOW SHIT about Austria. THAT IS THEIR JOB. They read the goddamn news, follow the politics, and disseminate reports about it.

    Changing one fucking name on a country report is something that, one would think, could be done within 24 hours.

    I…I want my money back.

    Fail stamp, State Department. FAIL STAMP.

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