Posted by: jt | February 2, 2009

(but i’m not gay)

As I was saying…

today…there is a bit of demand…

yesterday…for tennis slash.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I love when people Google entire questions. As in: “is roger federer gay”

Since I will doubtless get even more hits from that now, let me save you some time. Roger is not gay. That woman who’s been at every single one of his matches for the last nine years? I’d say she’s a pretty decent indication of some heterosexual tendencies. That, the fact that he gives her credit for dressing him, and the constant sea of photographers wherever he goes who have uncovered no drama?

Yes, all signs point to straight.

Besides, Roger is just so not gay. He just has high cheekbones and someone who dresses him well. Be thee not confused.

Also, I have to say, I don’t want to think about how many thousands of pages you have to wade through on a Google search to reach my blog when your search term is “rodney mckay.” McKay is a science fiction character. Do you realize the number of fansites that incurs? Do you understand the number of LiveJournal pages alone devoted to that name? The tens of thousands of stories with that name as a tag? To get to my one, wee little mention in that post – that is dedication bordering on scary, even if you’re doing a time-sensitive search…and lovelies, I’m a fangirl. Y’might wanna take a deep breath there, all right?

Said with love.


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