Posted by: jt | February 1, 2009

baby blue, sie sah aus wie du

I’m not done with this no presumption of clothing thing in Switzerland yet (expect further related posts) and I’m feeling a bit guilty that I’m contemplating a second post on nekkid people in Switzerland when there is clearly far more important news coming out of that country right now. Do me a favor, assuage my conscience and go read a bit about the World Economic Forum in Davos, m’kay?

This is not a didactic blog. This is not a didactic blog. This is not a didactic blog.

Except when it is, I know. I try to choose my soapboxes carefully.

Back to the funny! In my quest to understand Switzerland’s need to specifically outlaw naked hiking, I’ve stumbled across other things that must be shared. This is why I instituted the Hot-W. Why the hell have I been so slack lately?

I’m telling you, Germans get a really bum rap for not being funny. All of the following, from Deutsche Welle…

Thou Shalt Not Steal Porn DVDs, Court Tells Monk “Found to have more than just his rosary beads in his pockets, the monk abandoned his load and fled the scene.”

Would that be the 11th commandment? I’m pretty sure number 7’s got stealing covered. Also, am I the only one who reads a little innuendo into “abandoned his load” when we’re talking about porn? Just sayin’…

Nerds Get Training in Seduction 2.0 “There will be hints on how to write saucy text messages and e-mails, how to navigate a party and banter with some success and finally, how to bounce back from rejection instead of disappearing completely inside their Blood Elf or Warlock characters in Warcraft.”

Darlings, have I not previously extolled my appreciation for the sheer practicality of Germanic cultures? These are people who work hard to make life more pleasant…even if that includes Masters level classes on saucy text messages.

Men are From Mars, Women can Assemble IKEA Bookshelves “IKEA, says the company’s male customers have a bad track record compared to its female clients when it comes to putting furniture together.”

Is it just me, or is that headline a much better book title? Honestly, I think there are extra chromosomes related to directions (asking and/or following) in the rest of that X that guys don’t have. I’m not saying that the Y chromosome doesn’t have directions-related DNA, just that there’s a bit more on that second X.

Bite my head off for that double standard as you wish.


*Normally I don’t care if people catch the song reference in the title of the post, but I need a little credit for this one. I was looking for a lyric that could be funny and German and, alas, I don’t know any German pop.

No, not alas. Euro pop generally makes me want to claw my ear drums out. I don’t know any German pop by design. Regardless, this raised a slight issue for this title, until the ultimate German musical joke popped into my head.

Lovelies, I searched for David Hasselhoff lyrics for you. Ever-thorough in my research (or occasionally thorough, at least), I have now listened to more of The Hoff than any sane person ever should. Unless, apparently, you’re German.

The things I do for you.



  1. “the monk abandoned his load and fled the scene”

    Oh I bet he did! Say no more, say no more!

  2. :-D

    Thank you.

  3. :)

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