Posted by: jt | December 30, 2008

if you’re so smart tell me why are you still so afraid?

The last couple of weeks I’ve been bombarded with ideas that I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to not having. I’ve dismissed all of them, time and again, as impossible, silly and utterly ridiculous.

After relentless, seemingly random, and increasingly specific triggers from individuals, television, movies and email, I’m deferring to the universe. I hear you. I’m not gonna fight this. I cede – unconditionally. Whatever you’ve got, whatever you want, I’m open.

It still feels impossible.
It always was.

It still feels silly.
Stupid, is more like it.

It still feels utterly ridiculous.
Laughable, really.

Regardless, hell, maybe because – I accept. I open my heart, mind, body and soul to possibility. Infinite possibility.

It still feels impossible.
There’s no such thing.

It still feels silly.
We like silly.

It still feels utterly ridiculous.
Doesn’t that just increase the potential for magic?

Somebody hold my hand. This me learning how to say, Yes.



  1. Aw! This is a beautiful post, and perfect for New Year’s.

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