Posted by: jt | December 22, 2008

people who need people

I should be getting ready to leave for the airport…for my flight that departs in five and a half hours. For all that I bitched about the City of St. Paul not knowing how to plow streets, Seattle’s Department of Transportation takes us to new, almost hilarious, lows.

Perhaps we shall add a light dusting of sand. Fairy dust! Fairy dust! Fairy dust!

At least in St. Paul you can drive. Roads are always messy after this much (eight inches of) snow, but they’re passable.

I should be putting on my snow boots and hiking towards the airport but, after three days sans internet, I was stupidly curious about the status of the Senate.

Minnesota = Yay! (a reserved and cautious, Yay!)
New York = Jesus fuck are we serious?

It’s this minor little detail that’s set me off:

Caroline Kennedy, who is seeking to fill Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate seat, has not voted in a number of elections, including at least one race for the very job she’s seeking.

Essentially, it seems that Kennedy votes in presidential years. Any other race is, Eh. Maybe?

Really? Seriously?

Caroline Kennedy was always going to have the advantage of her last name. For all that we (once) resisted monarchies, we Americans sure do love our dynastic rule. That said, as many doors as the Kennedy name opens, it comes with the burden of mystique, and mystique yields expectations. She’s a Kennedy and not just any Kennedy, not a lesser Kennedy, she’s the daughter of the Kennedy.

We expect more. Regardless of expectations, regardless of mystique – regardless – really, Caroline, how incredibly poor is it to run for an office in a race that, according to history (of which your father was such a fan), you likely wouldn’t vote in?

Gag me.

It’s kind of like being elected president on a platform of progressive change and inviting a horrible bigot to do the invocation at your inauguration.


People. People and their imperfections. People and their humanity. People and their reality.

Dammit. Didn’t I tell you I wanted magic?

In all fairness, Barack told me, repeatedly, that he was going to be a bigoted asshole and uphold separate but equal laws. I just really, really, really wanted it to be a campaign thing.

That back pocket you have me in, Barack? There’s a hole. Watch yourself.

I just hope he follows through with everything else he campaigned on.

Hope. Dammit.


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