Posted by: jt | December 15, 2008

walk a mile in these

It appears that George W. Bush has finally succeeded in giving the Iraqi people a cause to rally around.  I’m guessing that by now you’ve all seen Bush’s “shoe attacker,” but have you seen it, essentially, in a loop?

Leave it to the BBC to devise a seemingly legitimate way to show that footage as many times as possible.

What? Like you never wanted to throw your shoe at his head? 

These guys are clearly on board with it.

Slight problem there though…anyone else notice how they are all guys?




  1. +1 for not using the obvious post title: “Honestly! Who throws a shoe?”

  2. Seriously (honestly!), I’m a little surprised just how many people went there.

    Besides, I can’t really talk. I threw my shoe at someone when I was in Vienna.

    I gave fair warning though (because that makes it okay). I think that was like the 30th time I tried to explain – to both Austrians and Americans – that “feminism” is not a dirty word. Ah, the culture shock of being away from – not my country but – my happy little ultra-liberal campus bubble.*

    That would be the “withdrawal” stage of culture shock. :-) Perhaps I could have handled it a bit more graciously…and perhaps it would have helped if any of the Americans around me had had a fucking clue.

    Those were cute shoes too. I miss them.


    *You may call it über-liberal if you promise to pronounce the umlaut. [strokes the little pet peeve]

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