Posted by: jt | November 25, 2008

so much for seattle

I’m never getting out of DC.

Okay, positive thinking. We manifest intentions, right?  Positive.

My original goal, which was admittedly ambitious, was to spend Thanksgiving somewhere in Montana. Now I’m aiming for leftovers at my grandparents in Central Minnesota late on Thursday night.

The new plan, which seems to get revised every evening, is to get everything absolutely packed and cleaned tonight so I can get up at 0-dark-hundred and just go.  That seems feasible. I just have to figure out how to get even more stuff into an already full SUV.

What does it say about me that I had to pause and think if that was SUV or SVU?

Yes, I am a bigger fan of Chris Meloni (and Mariska Hargitay, but really) than I am of gas-guzzling behemoths. Clearly, they have a purpose (I can think of a few purposes for Chris Meloni too) but…I’m also a little appalled and bitter because I know how much more stuff we packed into our full size van every summer to drive from Georgia to Minnesota.

But full size vans were about $600 a day more than what I’m paying for my behemoth. And I am poor.

I need to sit for a minute and maybe eat something, even though I am not hungry. Can’t get well if I don’t eat. Must eat. Good lord, these posts are obnoxiously trite, aren’t they?

I leave you with this: Woof, indeed.

See. That’s positive thinking.



  1. Trite is okay!

  2. And, it’s not trite, anyway.

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