Posted by: jt | November 24, 2008

still, still, still

Still in DC.

I didn’t realize how sick I was/am until I tried to do more than sit at a desk and curl up in bed.  Packing has pretty much consisted of, fill one box, sit down to rest; fill half a box, forget what I’m doing, sit down to rest, realize I was filling a box.

Not good.

If I’m not doing anything, I’m mostly okay.  Ergo, once I get the damn car loaded, I think I’ll be fine to drive.

But, still.

It (obviously) doesn’t help that I just have a lot of stuff. Grandma’s pretty glass breakables…take up a lot of space when wrapped in newspaper and put in boxes; a full set of pots and pans; a Kitchen Aid mixer… It’s like I’m an adult or something.  Everything I own is with me – none of this “boxes at my parents place” crap. Not yet, anyway. They’re about to do some temporary housing of boxes until the summer, but I have no fear – they will come and visit me just to get my shit out of their garage.

I need to pack the last of my clothes (yes!) and then do the final drop off for clothes I’m purging. Thus far, I’m at 10 kitchen size garbage bags of clothes and linens – away!  Granted, 1.5 of those bags were bedding but, still.

Moving tips:

  1. Ship your books. For just over $100 I shipped…around 200 pounds of books? Media mail. It’s the best thing ever. I was feeling pretty smart about that tactic until I realized that it took sitting in the middle of my apartment with my head in my hands, on the verge of tears, to have that thought. The postal service: except when it loses your rent check, it is your friend.
  2. Space bags. At Sally’s advice, I’m packing all clothes in the vacuumable space bags – y’know the ones you see on tv. Genius. In the space between the driver’s seat and the back seat, I have a king size down comforter, 3 throw pillows, two down throws, 1 king size pillow, 6 pairs of jeans, and some other random clothes that fit in the bag. Genius. If I ever actually make it to Pittsburgh, Sally’s definitely earned the vacuum cleaner as payment.

All right. Break’s over. Time to pack this last bit of clothes (space bags!) and drop the last few bags of unworns in the Salvation Army-equivalent box.

There’s a reason I gave myself a week to do this move…though this really isn’t the one I had in mind.


p.s. Sean Hannity and his completely unfounded allegations of voter fraud in Minnesota can go fuck himself. Hard.

“Everybody seems to be doing their job very well indeed,” said Fritz Knaak, Norm Coleman’s lead attorney. “We’re very pleased with elections officials overall.”

Lizard people notwithstanding, we know how to vote in Minnesota.  Fuck you, Sean. And your little sidekick too.


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