Posted by: jt | November 10, 2008

on: the grid and the top of the world

After three weeks of election-induced sleep deprivation and bliss, I’m back. Sort of. My laptop has a bit of a cold, which makes it pretty much impossible to really be back on the grid. (We’re thinking positively here, because it won’t turn ON, which feels like more of a coma than a cold to me, but we’re calling it a cold, dammit!)

There is a post-election post-of-elation in the works, severely hindered by my lack of laptop. Send happy thoughts to me and the Apple Genius Bar this evening at 7pm. I’m determined to believe that this is just some funky battery issue and all will be easily resolved because, oh my god, my laptop…

To sum up: the last three weeks were surreal, amazing and damn near impossible for me to describe. These kinds of emotions are why I lock myself in a room with a piano. There really aren’t words. But I’ll try to find them. And I’ll talk about the Wellstone model of getting out the vote. And how campaigns need to rethink their “unwalkable” precincts. And my pick for governor of Minnesota in two years. And how I’m trying to reach out to my devastated family members who think the country is now going to hell. And why the Minnesota Senate race is *gulp* 204 votes apart at the moment.

204 freakin’ votes.

By the way, MPR, it’s a totally shameless ploy to up the hits on your homepage by updating the vote tallies from the Secretary of State’s office every 30 minutes. Totally shameless.

And it’s totally working.


Update: Reason number 5,368,901 to use a Mac: Last night I went to my scheduled appointment at the Genius Bar at an Apple Store. Within less than ten minutes, Doug the Genius had cured my laptop’s cold and all is happy in the world. Total cost? Um, I think it was an extra 10 cents for that Metro stop out of my way. Now, if Doug the Genius could just cure my cold.

Additional Update: 206 freakin’ votes.


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