Posted by: jt | October 3, 2008

veep clouds

It’s probably best that I don’t have time to write a scathing critique of last night’s vice presidential debate.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a little bit in love with Joe Biden at the moment.  Aside from looking at the goddamn camera, it would have been tough for him to do much better.

I will summarize my frustration in one simple sentiment: Can Jon Stewart please moderate all debates? He makes people answer questions. I’m thinking of Serious Jon, who took down Crossfire. That’s the person I want to force the candidates into answering the questions asked; the guy who begged political pundits to actually do their jobs, focus on content and stop hurting America. But I digress…

For those of you who missed the veepstakes showdown last night, here’s the best synopsis I’ve seen:

And fill in the actual text with…

Except I see the word “nuclear” there. I believe she actually said, “nucular.” Apparently executive leaders who speak English are just too much to ask for in the U.S.

There are, unsurprisingly, a lot of parallels in Joe’s word cloud:

However, if we judge by frequency alone, Joe is clearly much less concerned about Americans / America / American interests than Sarah.


Did the McCain/Palin ticket find a new theme song after their little legal snafu with Jackson Browne? Might I suggest another?



  1. I love that you’re now into things like tag clouds.

  2. Any excuse for word-play will do. :-)

    I love that the BBC did the clouds. Honestly…why can American media not be both informative and playful?

    Actually, I’d settle for American media being informative or playful. :P

  3. You might like this. :)

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