Posted by: jt | September 19, 2008

i thought i was pale

My relentless need to understand drives me to political debates and discussions that would infuriate most people. I love elections and I’m absolutely fascinated by how people choose their candidates. I also have a bit of a knack for making people laugh at themselves, and at me, instead of just wanting to hit me as we debate abortion, gay rights, religion and taxes.

Judgment free zones – they’re amazing things.

This week I’ve been going back and forth with a guy I knew in high school. (Ah, Facebook for reconnecting!) We always got along even though we never had much in common.  I like him a lot, but it’s a little disorienting for me that he’s grown up to so closely resemble a character out of a John Grisham novel (he’s even a lawyer).

Darlings, I give you the Grisham, white, Southern gentleman’s perspective on taxes and voting – said with complete sincerity:

Obama’s “change” means I won’t have enough to afford my country club bill.

Excuse me while I choke back my laughter.  That is, hands down, the whitest of all white whines I’ve heard.

And Barack Obama is the elitist, right?




  1. You better not tell me this is Jeff.

  2. Okay, I won’t.


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