Posted by: jt | September 12, 2008

listen to yourself

Sarah Palin says, y’know, my daughter’s pregnancy – that’s off limits that’s a family matter, and Barack Obama says yes, that’s absolutely right. Well listen, here’s what I say, if your families are off limits, why are they on the stage? Why is there a profile in People Magazine of you and your damn family all over; the children marching around. Shame on you, you manipulative hypocrites!

He’s cheeky and a total goofball. He’s also insightful and articulate.

I admit, I haven’t been watching Craig much lately. I need to fix that. This monologue is quintessential Craig for me – silly, smart and utterly unable to stay off a soapbox.  He doesn’t want to tell you what to think, he just wants you to think, goddammit.

I can relate.

And while my fangirl crush may have faded, I still love him dearly.

Here is my hope for this election, anyway, my belief and my hope – that the American people are smarter than the media that are meant to be serving them.


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