Posted by: jt | September 9, 2008

a triumphant return

Poor little blog.  Poor, sweet, neglected little blog.

Darlings, I apologize. Life has been zooming by lately – quite literally. Since Labor Day, I have traveled over 7,000 miles.  Do I have stories for you!

Sadly, I also have work for me, so most of the storytelling needs to go on hold for a bit.  I’m actually not sure what’s going to happen with this space over the next few months.  Life is projected to be inordinately busy. Also inordinately fabulous, which is overwhelmingly refreshing but…I’m guessing busy is going to be the upshot for this space.

As my eternally wonderful boss would say, I’ll fall into that river when I get to it.  (I hope you’ll fall in with me.)  I’ll keep posting as much as I can, but the next few months feel as though they’ll be intense. Additionally, the closer we get to November 4, the more political this space will become. That’s inevitable and you should consider yourself warned.

But oh, the stories I’ll have!

In the meantime, how about a Hot-W for old time’s sake?

For me, in all honesty, the Headline of the Week is:
Federer wins fifth US Open in a row for 13th Slam crown – I tried to find an image of the absolutely boyish, gleeful, bursting-with-excitement grin and gesture he made to the television camera after that win last night. Alas, I think that’s relegated to television history.  This one – the blissful triumph – will have to do. Click on that picture to see his face. That is how I feel right now.

I so relate to both the glee and the triumph. I said on Twitter earlier today that I feel like I’m having a parallel year to Roger’s: January through July was a big what the fuck, man? August was thought-provoking and things started to fall into place, painfully but satisfactorily. And then September just slammed* everything back into reality. As in, fuck yes – this is how life works!

It’s been a long journey these last few months, but there’s more clarity in my head at the moment than I’ve had in years.  There are some obvious reasons for that (to be published tomorrow), but there’s a much deeper core that I’ve been clawing my way to over the last eight months of therapy. My therapist was a little taken aback this evening when I laid out the extent of my latest “conclusions.” There’s still work to be done, but the last couple of weeks – right before I left for my whirlwind tour of the U.S. – have included a shift of perspective; the kind of life-altering change in thinking, the likes of which I haven’t experienced in almost ten years.

I told ya I have stories. I just need the time to think and write to tell them with the amusement and angst they’re due.

That’s my Hot-W.  Now here’s one for you, if you’re not feeling a particular kinship with Herr Federer at present:

Bald-head adverts for NZ airline New Zealand’s national airline is looking for bald passengers to head up a new advertising campaign.

God bless the BBC and their wordplay. Yes, they need people to head it up. Is American media this playful and I just miss it???


*Yes, yes. Pun intended. Roger won the last of the 2008 tennis Grand Slams yesterday, his first (and thus only) slam of the year. There are 4 Grand Slam touranments – the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the French Open and the U.S. Open. He’s now the only person to have ever won 5 consecutive Wimbledon and 5 consecutive U.S. Open titles.

I know you care. And that if you know me IRL you’re probably still slightly unnerved by my new levels tennis awareness. I know. It’s weird.


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