Posted by: jt | August 16, 2008

you hang your head and pray

Dianne has yet another post up – I Want My Country Back – that speaks both to and from the core of who I am. Those of us on the left – progressives, liberals, call us what you will – have been shoved into the “anti-American” box throughout the Bush administration.

Sometimes it’s a fair critique. The fuck you idiots, I’m moving to Canada rhetoric that permeated disillusioned lefty circles in 2004 was certainly counterproductive (writes the girl who knew precisely how many more “points” she needed to qualify for Canadian citizenship). However, leftist shortcomings acknowledged, the vast right wing media fails to care comprehend that the reason many of us on the liberal side of the coin are so critical is because we care so much.

I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies. – Pietro Aretino

Let me try to summarize the last week or so… Russia invades another country. Our media covers the sex life of a former political candidate. Jon Stewart covers the White House ordering the CIA to falsify intelligence before we invaded Iraq. The European Union scrambles to stop the war Russia started. Our president plays volleyball. Zimbabwe’s dictator maintains his violent stranglehold on his country, while Pakistan’s seems to be slipping away. (We, as a country, take no note of the last two.)

Did I miss anything major?

Now I’m gearing up to watch The First Public Forum With The 2008 Presidential Candidates. How freakin’ cool is that…it’s with an evangelical pastor?


I appreciate that the Obama team isn’t ruling out any demographics. I love that, for once, we have someone from the left who isn’t afraid of religion. It’s about damn time a Democrat confronts – head on – the fact that the Dems’ platform is much more in keeping with Christian values than the Republican platform.

But did this have to be the first thing?

Oh, I’ll get over it.  And the Obama team knows it.  They’ve got me and all my left-wing buddies in their back pocket.  This is smart and it makes me like their campaign strategy even more.

But Jesus fucking Christ.

Obama and McCain are running to lead a country founded on the premise of religious freedom; the whole idea was about separation of church and state. Let us believe what we choose to believe and keep the government out of it.

And here we are.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a country to want back. But I want out of Jesusland.

(And yes, the dude in the video looks a helluva lot like the dude who’s questioning the candidates tonight.)


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