Posted by: jt | August 13, 2008

she will feel the facts at you

Observed this morning…

Conservative woman panelist: It doesn’t matter if we don’t have equal numbers of women elected to office; it’s the fact that we have equal opportunities to be in office, which I feel that we do.

Question from the audience: How many women are there in Congress?

Conservative woman panelist: Well, I’m not sure on the actual statistics.

Liberal woman panelist: It’s about 15%.

Thank you for your feelings, conservative woman panelist.

I like feelings. I like them a lot.  I talk about my feelings with my friends, my family, my therapist, myself.  I write about them on this blog.  I advocate that feelings are never right or wrong, they just are. I’m an INFP and that “F” is for “Feeling.”

I am all about feelings.

But see…I also like to make sure that I understand my feelings.  Is what I’m feeling an appropriate reaction to a situation?  Am I, perhaps, overreacting? Am I under-reacting? Am I avoiding something?  Am I denying something?  Am I giving something undue credit or attention?

What are the facts that may or may not support my feelings?

This analysis, this thinking, this knowing the facts that are related to my feelings may not change how I feel, but it often influences my actions.  It’s okay for me to feel anything, but I need to consider how rational those feelings are. Personally, I find it particularly useful to know the facts in professional situations.  In the workplace, perhaps our critical thinking should generally override our emotional state.

But those are just my feelings on the matter.

My conservative woman panelist strikes me as the sort who would hang out with Stephen Colbert (who promises to feel the news at you) in a blissful state of truthiness. I, on the other hand, seem to be stuck with Tom Cruise in that occasionally abysmal place where I want the truth.

Gotta say, I don’t really blame her.  Just hanging out and bullshitting with Stephen would be a helluva lot easier than negotiating the unpleasantries that, inevitably, come with confronting Tom Cruise.

How did I just end up with an analogy advocating for Tom Cruise over Stephen Colbert?

I feel dirty now.



  1. But yay for having a truthiness tag.

    Also, the related link is titled, “Old Woman On Feelings”

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