Posted by: jt | August 5, 2008

baby-killing lesbian whores

My intern might be a bit naïve, but his heart’s in the right place.

He says: what does NOW stand for again?
jt says: you can just put NOW
He says: ok
jt says: but it’s the National Organization for Women
He says: ah
jt says: only the largest feminist org in the country
He says: so, they’re the ones helping destroy our society
jt says: and killing babies
He says: probably in favor of letting the gays get married too
jt says: particularly the LESBIANS
He says: filthy
jt says: they’re really just a bunch of dirty whores

Just another day at the office. Trying to get meetings with dirty whores.  For free.



  1. baby-killing lesbian whores

    That’s the best kind!

  2. With any luck, they’ll also be dealing crack.

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