Posted by: jt | July 30, 2008

no wonder the brits are better informed

As demonstrated on something of a weekly basis, I have no shortage of love for British news. If American (corporate) media was half as entertaining (or provided half as much coverage), I probably wouldn’t have to leap across the pond quite so frequently.  Alas.

Our contenders for Headline of the Week were, as usual, from my beloved BBC News…

Bees join hunt for serial killers Yes…they’ve voluntarily joined the hunt.  Nicely done.  For me, that headline conjures cartoonish images of bees flying in an arrow formation to sting serial killers.  The article itself (on biometrics) makes me think of that stupid show on CBS, NUM3ERS, which makes me think of how Craig Ferguson always calls it num-three-ers.  See, it still all comes back to Craig Ferguson.

Policing bees notwithstanding, my favorite pick, until this morning, was…

Tree-shrew is heavyweight boozer It “waits until nightfall to binge on fermented nectar from the bertam palm.” Is that some moral code for the tree-shrews? No boozing during the day? I suppose it’s good that they wait until they’re off the clock to get soused.

Bees and trees aside, we’re doing things a little differently this week.

The Guardian makes (perhaps surprisingly) it’s first appearance in the HOT-W this week with a headline that, well, really doesn’t warrant mentioning.

Federer survives Ginepri scare is a pretty blasé headline. (“Federer” and “Ginepri” are the names of tennis players, in case you’re lost.) It’s the text of the article…

…which I stumbled upon at, of all places, Roger Federer’s website.  This is beyond any sort of quote of the day. It’s the quote of the week.  It’s going into my quote file for all time. It’s…remember how I talked about the BBC giving me quirky headlines, snarky stories and now, tennis slash?* Apparently Federer-love is contagious on that island. (Really, what’s not to love?)  Unlike the BBC piece, The Guardian article isn’t slashy.  It’s bit more Harlequin. Or LiveJournal.  It’s…

“You could feel the relaxation spread over the champion’s body like a masseur’s oil.”

I’m sorry, what?

Did I feel it spread over his body? Like a masseur’s oil? Seriously?

The article is unattributed at Fed’s site (???) and, god help me, I thought this text was coming from his camp. (Fellow Fed fans quickly informed me of its origin.) Regardless, even though Federer’s people didn’t author it, they still quoted it.  Actually, they took the time to paraphrase it.  This is what my bleary eyes read before my first cup of coffee this morning:

Once our champ had survived the second set and struggled through the ensuing tie-break, the match was effectively over. You could feel the relaxation spread over his body like a masseur’s oil.

Again, honestly. Could I feel it? Spread over his body? Like a masseur’s oil?

I have nothing but love for Roger – nothing but love – but who on earth is responsible for his website?  Can we have a little conversation about the purple prose? And honey, based on the existing level of interest in Federer slash, you really don’t need to be baiting the fangirls. Though it is damn amusing.

Said with love, Federer people.  Said with love.


*I had NO idea that post would rank so high in searches for Federer/Nadal slash. That totally non-slashy post has rapidly become one of my most-read entries. I feel like such a tease!


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