Posted by: jt | July 29, 2008

panties for grandma?

A couple of days ago I checked my email to find a message from my mom entitled, “Re: Panties for Grandma?”

I think I actually snorted with laughter, which just turned to perplexity when I opened the email to find…updates on my extended family.

I scrolled down to the end to find the original email and piece things together. So…My sister got a voicemail from my grandma thanking her for some panties that she’d bought for her, and my sister was all, WTF? She sent my mom an email to try to figure it out and, apparently, my mom had bought undies for my grandma using money my sister had sent and just attributed them to my sister. (She sends a monthly check to help my grandparents out.)

Since my mom’s email included a bunch of updates on the family in general, she just tacked me on to her reply.

Ergo, I now have – a seemingly endless – email thread called, “Panties for Grandma?”

Which would just be a fabulous band name.


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