Posted by: jt | July 28, 2008

the things that matter

These are the kinds of emails from the Large Government Agency folk that I just adore.  At least this one didn’t have “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY” in the subject line (even though it is).  Those are my favorite, because they usually involve extra hours of manually typing in a new tab stop in a document or unbolding something that used to be bold.  These have to be EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY even though, if we waited a month to implement this critical tabbing and unbolding, it could be done automatically through our database and save hours of time.

The bolding: it is imperative.

But I digress.  Your tax dollars at work, lovelies:


This is to notify you that the “Project Authorization” form has now been renamed “Project Assignment” as required by the [Large Government Agency Office]. You should continue to use the form in accordance with existing guidelines. Nothing has changed except the name.

Because it matters.

I do, actually, know the rationale behind the change. I also know that people spent time and our tax dollars considering that change. And, aside from a few paper pushing bureaucrats (excuse my redundancy), who fucking cares?

The mind: it boggles.



  1. Nothing has changed except the name.


  2. Oh, lord. The thought that popped into my head in response to that was, “Uh-huh, this is the world we live in” and, as with 90% of 80s songs, I know almost all the lyrics, but can never remember the title of the song…

    The Land of Confusion

    Ah, Genesis. I’m positively mired in the Land of Confusion. But the chorus…the chorus…

    This is the world we live in
    And these are the hands were given
    Use them and lets start trying
    To make it a place worth living in.

    I just got back from a 2 hour meeting at the Large Government Agency, splitting hairs (and gerunds) over “guidelines” and what people are “authorized” to do.

    Must…remember…larger…purpose…greater…purpose… Must…remember…

    Anyone else just use their blog as a personal pep talk site? That seems to be my trend…

  3. The video for that song used to FREAK ME THE FUCK OUT. It had those creepy puppets in it.

  4. I know. Me too. We were six years old when it came out and those puppets were damn creepy.

    It never ceases to amaze me just how much MTV I absorbed at a very early age. I think part of it was having a sister who’s 5 years older…and part of it is probably that I’m just ridiculously prone to remembering anything musical.

    Still. There was a lot of MTV in my childhood.

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