Posted by: jt | July 28, 2008

silly rabbit, olympics are for kids

Is it just me, or is anyone else completely apathetic about the Olympics this year?  Maybe it’s because the only sport of interest to me is tennis (I’m owning it…I’m in shock, but I’m owning it) and my guy isn’t exactly having his best year.

Maybe it’s because the only press on the 2008 Games seems to be about the abysmal air quality in Beijing or the oh so communist fix for an ugly city.

Really though…I think the Olympics are just geared toward kids.  I was all about the ’88 Games and have barely paid attention since then (even when the ’96 Games were practically in my backyard).

I was in second grade for the ’88 Olympics and we had our own games at my school. I think we competed in those classic Olympic events like tug-of-war and kickball. We divided up into teams by countries, naturally, and we each had to do projects on our newly established homelands.

In our Olympics, I represented West Germany.

I. Am. Old.

There was something fun and exciting about the Olympics back then; all of these people from places I didn’t know coming together to do pretty things like diving, gymnastics and figure skating.  It was just pretty and an excuse to pull out the World Book encyclopedia to find out exactly where South Korea was.  I was too young to fully understand any political drama or IOC controversy that might have existed.  Then, the Olympics was just something pretty to watch about places that were far, far away.

Which essentially sums up what I do on a daily basis – find the prettiness in places that are far, far away.

There is something cool about the greatest athletes in the world coming together on a global stage to compete.  There is something hopeful about an event where the U.S., Russia, North Korea, Iran, Palestine and Israel all come together to play in peace.

There is.

Eh. Maybe I’ll be more into it in a couple of weeks when things get started. In the meantime, this post was inspired by someecards:

I have to say…my Olympic dreams centered around Greg Louganis, Brian Boitano and Brian Orser.  Even before I knew it, I always did like my gays.



  1. Hi,

    Have some of the same feeling towards the olympics. I wrote mostly about the USA basketball team, but here’s the two links. ( and sorry for the long urls.
    Anyway, I am a huge Roddick fan (tennis is my favorite sport) but I’m also not very happy this year with him either. I proceed to make a conclusion that Rafa isn’t exactly out favorite player, but one must understand that he is the future in our sport

    thanks for reading this long comment, but please just look at the articles and tell me what you think. I also have some stuff on federer, but it would be too many urls on one page.


  2. Gotta be tough to be a Roddick fan. ;-) I still feel for him for last year’s U.S. Open.

    I have absolutely nothing against Rafa. He’s an amazing player and he conducts himself…well, he openly models his behavior after Roger and it doesn’t get much better than that. Rafa deserves the recognition he’s getting and, frankly, it’s about time.

    I’m just a Federer fan. No opposition to Nadal, just a Federer fan. Though Roddick totally wins on the press conferences. :-)

    Sending happy, happy thoughts to Cincinnati… though by the time we get to the semis either you or I will be unhappy!

  3. But do you need to fire your gays?

  4. But do you need to fire your gays?


    For those of you who didn’t catch that reference, get your snarky li’l selves over to Project Rungay right now. I don’t care if you’re a Project Runway fan or not. The blog makes the show worth watching.

    PRG quote of the day: “And fringe, darlings. Unless one is Cher or Miss Dolly Parton, one should not be wearing things with fringe.”

    I love Tom and Lorenzo. Oh, and I’m keeping my gays…for now. ;-)

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