Posted by: jt | July 17, 2008

it’s time for some campaignin’

The lovely team from JibJab has blessed us again with their brilliance.  You remember JibJab, right? The guys who gave us This Land in 2004?

It’s probably just the immediacy of it, but I think their take on Campaign 2008 is even funnier than 2004.  Though, admittedly, the fact that they’ve chosen Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin as the basis for this “equal” skewering probably makes me a little too happy.*

The video quality is significantly better on their actual website, plus they’re hawking a fresh(ish) take on e-cards over there, if you like to put your face on things…but who clicks on links?

I love the unicorn. And “alas, no cigar” is just a little too good. But oh, the unicorn.

Happy Thursday, my darlings.

*I spent a little too much time in college sifting through fascist and Stalinist propaganda. You develop a perverse kind of appreciation for this sort of subtlety. And before someone flips out on me, I’m not comparing the guys at JibJab to any dictators – I’m recognizing a technique.

You come away from this clip not humming It’s Time For Some Campaignin’ but rather The Times They Are A-Changin’ because it’s what you know. That, subconsciously or consciously, reinforces the theme of change, which, of course, has now become synonymous with…

Happy thoughts.

Of course, simultaneously, I have Jon Stewart in the back of my head screaming, It’s just a fucking cartoon!

And I think both are true.


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