Posted by: jt | July 16, 2008

crankypants be damned

As previously mentioned, there’s a disproportionate level of drama in my world at present. People are dying. People are having scary medical tests. People who are usually bastions of support are being assholes. (Seriously, we might need a meds check on that last one.)

And I am a million miles away. I can’t even just be there.

Drama.  Dramarama.

I arrived home tonight with the lyrics, I am tired, I am weak, I am worn, in my head. The YouTube whore that I am, I began my quest for the coolest version I could find of that rather depressing (at the very least sobering) song.

Instead, as I typed in the URL, my past brilliance paid off.  Another YouTube link, which I had the foresight to bookmark, popped up in its place. Curious, since I couldn’t recall what I would possibly need to bookmark on YouTube, I clicked.

I love Craig Ferguson.

The accent throws me, particularly since I never watched The Drew Carey Show, but…somehow comedy is always better with music.  And somehow, Craig always makes me smile.

Maybe I should re-read Between the Bridge and the River. That’s like therapy in the form of a novel.


And apparently I’m channeling Cookie Monster to ask for it. I think I need to sleep.  :-)



  1. “Want…more…Craig’s…writing…”

    can we start a campaign to encourage this?

    cathy in boston

  2. :-) He’s said a couple of times that there’s no way to write and do the LLS at the same time…though apparently some memoirs are forthcoming?

    I’d trade six months of re-runs for another novel, but…I think we’re SOL until he stops doing the LLS.

    Much as I love the show, I do love his writing more. I’d miss my daily dose of Craig, but I can’t help but wonder what fiction we’re missing out on while he’s goofing around on tv. I so appreciate his introspective side and I wish we saw more of it.

    Nothing against the Goofy Glaswegian. :-) I love silliness too…I just like a little more balance with seriousness in the process.

    Which is, perhaps, why the gods gave us Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. :-)

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