Posted by: jt | July 11, 2008

more talk, less drama

There has been drama in my world lately. Some of it is stupid and fleeting. Some is serious and here to stay. Life is drama, I suppose. It would be pretty damn easy otherwise. But sometimes, we really need things to be easy.

Yesterday afternoon, I turned off my phone and went for a walk in Central Park with someone new. The sky was a perfect shade of blue and the sun beat down through the trees as we wandered aimlessly, walking just to walk.

Parallel professional interests intersected with parallel personal interests and rambling conversation devolved to have as little direction as our feet. Light banter covered heavy topics and, for the first time in ages, everything was just easy. There was no drama, no psychobabble, no hidden agenda, no manipulation. We just talked. And covered a lot of common ground.

Over two hours later, our conversation hit its first lull and I realized that my phone had been off for over two hours. In my absence, surely, rabid bunnies had launched nuclear missiles at Philadelphia and declared martial law in the streets of San Francisco.

As we headed back to the hotel, I realized how rare it’s been for me lately to have a conversation that is free from both drama and work; a “normal” human interaction that doesn’t involve discussion of medication, police reports, hospitals, cheating spouses or, literally, pulling teeth.

It was a perfect, glorious two hours. And exactly what I needed.

Don’t you worry about the rabid bunnies, though. I did turn my phone back on. And, two text messages, three voicemails and a 45 minute negotiation later, I think I caught them all.

I think.


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