Posted by: jt | July 7, 2008

headline of the week

I have to say, late last week I was starting to get concerned: I hadn’t spotted any headlines that made me snort or snicker.  I’ve never had to seek them out before, I just always seem to stumble across some happy snark in my usual news consumption.  Sadly, as of last Thursday, my media seemed oddly tame.

Anxiety, begone. You were thoroughly unwarranted.  Oh, the tyranny of options…

As usual, the BBC finds many ways to make my news consumption both informative and entertaining:

Pringles ‘are not potato crisps’ – Leave it to an American corporation to pollute the British courts with this.  But they won.  Good news for British junk food addicts – no tax on Pringles!

Chelsea make ‘massive’ Kaka offer – Yes. I’m a 12 year old boy. A “massive Kaka offer” makes me snicker. No shame.

Hey, I almost gave you a headline related to Tyson Gay “going down” and being “out” at the Olympic trials.  What can I say? I was far too serious as a child and I’m making up for lost giggles.

The BBC almost brought it home with this one:

Police say UFO was just the Moon – But this one’s really about the article, not the headline.  It’s short, sweet and deadpan. Oh, the Brits and their humour.

My love of the BBC notwithstanding, it had been a while since I’d visited Deutsche Welle. While the Germans might not be quite as well known on this continent for being funny (stop it), their cheek is definitely underrated.

Day Two Of Uninformed Coverage Of Obama’s Iraq “Shift” – All right, it’s not a funny headline, but I still love it. American media providing “uninformed coverage?” Never!

German Archbishopric Grabs the Devil by the Horns – Nice.  Also, I have to point out that stories about exorcisms wouldn’t be likely to make the news in the U.S. Our evangelicals cast out demons all the time. Save me Jeebus!

Alas, at the risk of reinforcing cultural stereotypes…I have to hand the Hot-W to this one:

Germans Pummel One Another In Mustard Feud
“It’s about the sausage” is German idiom meaning that the matter at hand is really, really important. But two men from the city of Münster took the saying literally, engaging in fisticuffs over a bratwurst.

Sausage jokes, mustard feuds and use of the word “fisticuffs” – Deutsche Welle for the win. And in case you’re still determined to insist that Germans don’t have a sense of humor:

Excellent use of snark. Ah, Deutsche Welle.  It’s been too long…



  1. OMFG. Especially the Germans!!

  2. :-D

    Grossly underrated sense of humor for the Germanic Volk. “Gross” – so to speak. ;-)

  3. imagine if we started counting the days of “uninformed coverage” here

    we don’t have enough calendars!!

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