Posted by: jt | July 6, 2008

tennis slash

Ummmmmm…I have no qualms with slash. Watching House M.D. is infinitely more entertaining once you realize that it’s written as an unrequited, and possibly unrealized, affair between its two male leads. Infinitely more entertaining. And by entertaining I mean hawt.

I have no qualms with slash.

I have few qualms with real person slash. I get that there’s a different boundary when you cross from character-based fiction into person-based fiction. Regardless, as it’s still fiction, I have few qualms.

That said, I don’t expect slashy videos from news sites.  Deliberately slashy. I know that Wimbledon is somewhat sacred in England.  I know that tennis coverage has a tendency toward melodrama.  I know that emotions are running high in what will be a historic Wimbledon final, regardless of its outcome.

But seriously, what the hell is this, LiveJournal? The violins? The romance novel script? The manipulation of images?

The BBC gives me quirky headlines, snarky stories and now…tennis slash?

As usual, there’s no embedding videos from the BBC so you’ll have to click through but, mostly so you’d believe me, I had to copy this image.

Um, yeah. I have no qualms with slash.  And apparently, I have no interest in Fed/Nadal slash. It’s funny, but I just don’t find it hot.

Update: My sincere apologies to the Federer/Nadal slashers who find this post instead of Pr0n. Sorry to be a little tease. I had no idea this post would rank so high in that Google search.  Hopefully the BBC video gives you a little bit of solace. I just did some quick research and…looks like the Fedal communities are pretty new (hence this coming in so high on that search). Start writing, slashers! In the meantime, I can point you to some good House/Wilson, if you like…



  1. […] The most-read post on my blog, by far, is a silly little piece I dashed off in amusement called tennis slash. The BBC has long since changed the video, but that modified picture, what slashers would call a […]

  2. I love Wimbledon.I can not wait to favorite is Nadal.

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