Posted by: jt | July 1, 2008

ponyboy, sodapop and me

Me: Hi, [an Assistant Director at a Large Government Agency] please.
Overpaid Government Employee: May I tell him who’s calling?
Me: Sure, [jt] at [small nonprofit you’ve never heard of].

Pause, during which I’m certain I’m being shunted into voicemail.

Assistant Director: This is [Assistant Director].
Me: You’re a brave man, [first name], to take a call from a woman you don’t know!
AD: *laughs* What can I say, I have no fear!

Friendly chattery and introductions ensue. My operating stance is: if you like me, you will give me what I want. And I want your time. So you will like me.

AD: You haven’t been in DC very long, have you?
Me: *laughs* No, just a year. Is it that obvious?
AD: You just seem to want to get things done.
Me: *head hits desk* Yes! I’m going insane in this town! Why does everything have to be 10 steps more complicated than necessary???

Lovelies, that is a Large Government Agency employee identifying me as a DC-outsider on the basis of my desire to actually get shit done.* I’m not hallucinating. This town really is that insane.

(And yes, mission accomplished on that call. My people received more time than I requested from that charming Assistant Director.)


*We abbreviate this in the nonprofit world as GSD.  One of my lovely, lovely coworkers, seeing it for the first time in an IM (as in, “OK, I really need to GSD.”) paused and asked, “Go suck dick?”

It’s the little things.



  1. We abbreviate this in the nonprofit world as GSD.

    And now in the corporate world too!

    Of course, I can never type it now without thinking of the 2nd interpretation.

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