Posted by: jt | June 29, 2008


I had a clean shot. There was no possible way I could miss. The only question was, How do I want to play this?

I could have nailed you – square in the face – and left you stinging and in shock. I could have played hard – and completely fair – and let the tears well up in your eyes as you took the hit.

Those are the consequences of playing a dangerous game.

But I played nice. I tossed, with a light touch, letting it just graze you. You were surprised – shocked – and there was no question, it was a hit. You were called out. Game over.

Except you insisted that I’d missed.

It’s a natural reaction. You don’t want the game to end. You don’t want to leave the team. Honestly, the danger of the game makes it a little intoxicating. You’re having fun and you feel like you’re playing pretty well.

Except you’re not.

You’ve been called out.

I don’t need the truth here. I can deal with my call being denied. You don’t need to talk about the truth with me. You just need to deal with it yourself. And right now, it’s not pretty.

Sometimes the truth is the coolest thing ever. Sometimes it’s ambiguous. Sometimes it sucks beyond comprehension. Always, you have to deal with it. I’m just advocating for dealing sooner rather than later because, the longer you play dangerous games, the more people get hurt.

I also want you to remember how I played Round One and how you played Round One. Because now I can’t be nearly so nice in Round Two.


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