Posted by: jt | June 27, 2008

grammer school

My 10 year high school reunion is this fall. Insert debate over how old/young that makes me here.

Initially I was undecided about my attendance (now I can’t go) and, when the committee found me on Facebook, I relinquished my carefully-guarded real email address.  Admittedly, I had an openly shallow curiosity about just how many people made it out of the crappy redneck suburbs where we started.

Yes, I grew up in redneck suburbs.

Curiosity waned and other plans in place, at this point, I’m just feeling harassed. This was the seventh email I received from them over the course of six weeks. Um, stalkerish?

With yalls help we went from 215 classmates missing to only 127. Total we have located 259 classmates. But we could still use any last minute help to locate the rest – we are mailing invitations out the first week of July. So putt out your yearbooks and look for old numbers, send myspace & facebook messages (we have done this for any we had but it may help to be from a friend of theirs), if you know where their parents work etc. any info at all could help us locate them.

[list of names]

thanks so much
10 Yr Reunion Committee

Hello, grammarians. Clearly, I am all for bending (or shattering) grammatical rules but…what the fuck, man? You are all, by definition, high school graduates and this is the email you send to 259 people? This? Could you really not be bothered to skim through it before you hit send?

I’m not going to mock every error, but I have to say…even with my affinity for the word y’all,* please, Please, PLEASE – apostrophes! I think it’s the double miss there that makes my skin crawl.

The irony. It grates.


*Y’all is an efficient contraction and there is no rationale for it not to be considered proper usage. Get over your snotty, regionalist selves. (Let the debates begin.)

Remember: Y’all is singular. All y’all is plural. All y’all’s is plural possessive.
— Kinky Friedman



  1. I am hoping the typo in the subject line is intentional.

    Also, here’s one thing that really bugs me… when people type “ya’ll” instead of “y’all.” Ugh!! Do they not understand where the contraction is??

  2. Also. :D

  3. :-) Indeed. That’s a deliberate misspelling. Playing to the irony here…

    I concur on the apostrophe placement. It grates.

    And, yes. I just can’t help that I’m a white person. ;-)

  4. putt out your yearbooks

    Does this have anything to do with golf? I am lost. HALP.

    The whole thing was a grammar fail.

  5. Heh.

    No, that’s simply a typo on the word “pull.”

    I assume, anyway.

    See previous on, Could you really not be bothered to skim through it before you hit send?


  6. Oh, I know what they meant. It was a fail anyway. ;)

  7. You should not assume.

    Putting yearbooks is a pretty good mental image, anyway.

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