Posted by: jt | June 20, 2008

when life imitates snark

Actual conversation earlier this week:

Good morning, my name is [jt].

Hello, my name is “Gee-suss.”

*stunned pause*

Should we pronounce your name “Gee-suss” or “Hey-seuss?”

In Columbia it is “Hey-seuss,” but here I think you say “Gee-suss.”


I think we can manage “Hey-seuss.”

I knew it.

Jesus really does come from Columbia.



  1. Okay, you are killing me. I have a very hard time believing Jesus comes from Columbia. He MUST come from Colombia!!

    (And yes, I saw that you called. My phone was practically dead though, so I’m charging it now and will call after dinner!)

  2. You know, I got TOTALLY reamed out by a certain smug and snide govt bureaucrat years ago for misspelling Colombia. Reduced to a puddle of tears. F*ing ugly.

  3. I know, I know…Sally schooled me over chat about this. In my defense:

    – I grew up in Columbia County.
    – I went to Columbia Middle School.
    – One of the main drags through my part of town for 14 years was Columbia Road.
    – I can still sing the “Columbia County we salute you” song I was forced to sing in elementary school to celebrate Columbia County’s bicentennial in 1990.
    – I grew up 75 miles away from Columbia, SC.

    Columbia is rather ingrained in my subconscious at this point.

    I do know it’s Colombia though. I really do… :-)

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