Posted by: jt | June 19, 2008

oh, what a musical morning

The following incident did not occur this morning, but it could have. (Why am I being so honest with you? You’d never know.) I think this actually happened about a month ago. Regardless, to quote Richard Blais, please enjoy.


I walked out of my apartment building today and actually had the thought, What a beautiful morning! which, of course, made me think of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

You’re welcome.

Most unfortunately, I think of a very specific rendition of this song. Please, don’t torture yourself on the whole thing. A tiny little taste will do.

Hugh Jackman’s hypermasculine image used to annoy me to no end. My annoyance was rooted, somewhat ironically, in movies I enjoyed (the first two X-Men) and movies I hadn’t seen (Swordfish and Van Helsing).

I had essentially written him off as the typical one-note “actor” who just plays the same character time and again until, one day, blissfully unawares, I stumbled across his 2004 Tony Award-winning portrayal of Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz. (Yes, I am a total YouTube whore.) Don’t know who Peter Allen was? Let’s just say that once upon a time he was married to Liza Minelli. M’kay?

I snickered all the way in to work with this in mind. It’s just the tiniest of departures from Wolverine.

Yet another happy little lesson in not judging what you don’t know. And yes, I’m now aware of all the gay/bi/poly speculation over Hugh Jackman. I don’t really care who he’s jumping into bed with, but it is lovely that he plays the role well.

Lesson (re)learned.

Also, who knew Hugh Jackman was all legs?



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