Posted by: jt | June 16, 2008

headline of the week

I almost feel like the BBC tries a little too hard. But really. This kind of snark deserves some recognition.

While this one made me laugh out loud…

S Korea sends beef envoys to US

…conjuring images of South Korean cattle mooing their way off of planes onto red carpets, it was definitely knocked out of first place by…

Mud phobia pig gets its own boots

…which really almost takes it. Honestly, I’m still a little torn in this decision.

But I’m giving it to this last one. The headline doesn’t make any sense. Except it does. It’s mildly horrifying but…if we’re talking absurdities and, by definition, I suppose we are, it’s tough to top…

Bumble-bee woman in shock birth
“Ally Ashwell, from Newcastle, was touring the seaside town’s pubs and clubs in a bumble-bee outfit, when she began to feel unwell.”

The woman who, dressed as a bumble bee, left her party and – surprise – gave birth to a baby she didn’t realize she was carrying, has beaten out the pig who was given boots, so as to not get muddy feet.

Lovelies, there is nothing further I can add.



  1. AHAHA. “Beef envoys” sounds dirty. Maybe this is just because I’m a 13-year-old boy inside, but still.

  2. Okay, the third one didn’t make grammatical sense to me at first… those Brits! And I love “When she began to feel unwell.” I’ll say!

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