Posted by: jt | June 13, 2008

i feel like i’m taking crazy pills

I’m not a superstitious girl. I’m not. That said, before we go into my lovely Friday the 13th (thus far – it’s only 1:30), let’s recap my week a bit.

Half of the people who work on my program are out of the office at the moment. Everyone’s covering for something and general stress is high.

We learned that 3 staff members from our organization will be cut at the end of this month. We’ve got 15 people here, so that’s a 20% reduction in staff. Major. It’s purely strategic and I actually think it’s a smart decision but, wow. Suckage. (My job is completely secure. No worries.)

My lovely colleagues at Carlson Wagonlit Travel booked a group of 29 people on a 6:10am flight from DC to LA. 6:10am. For no reason. There is no rush to get them to LA. With a group that size, they would need to leave the hotel at 2:30am to make that flight. Additionally, 10 out of the 12 flights Carlson booked for this week are stupidly unacceptable. I won’t make my people fly at 6am for no reason and a 15 minute connection in Dallas-Fort Worth isn’t feasible. Um, no, fools. How do these people get jobs?

After being in the office for 2.5 hours, I realized that the fly was down on my pants.

Participants on one of my projects that ended a month ago are NOW claiming that they didn’t receive the correct amount of funding. I have receipts to prove that this is complete bullshit, but…sad. And frustrating. All of my work on that project may be completely undermined by this negative false perception.

I forgot my ATM card in an ATM and didn’t realize I’d done so until 24 hours later. Amazingly, the bank had the card and, aside from a minor freak-out, personal inconvenience, and slight increase in blood pressure, all was fine.

Last night I had to attend a reception where I was the lone person not employed by a Large Government Agency. Me, and a room of bureaucrats. As I walked there, I chanted to myself, I’m effusive and bubbly, of course you love me. I’m effusive and bubbly, of course you love me. And I was. And they did. And I’m still exhausted.

A senseless, hard-fought battle that had been won with a Large Government Agency was just un-won. Back to the trenches. And back to running into arbitrary walls that have no doors or windows – just a crack in the plaster that you have to chip your way through.

With all of that in mind, this makes for a most fitting Friday the 13th and close to my ridiculous week:

Two fires along Metro’s Red Line and a power outage through much of the center city this morning left commuters stranded, offices and tourist attractions dark and street traffic in chaos.

I was one of the lucky people who got to experience this:

…the Dupont Circle station was shut down for an hour after medics treated a dozen people for shortness of breath after they trudged up that station’s particularly steep escalators. The station has the longest climb in the city, and the ascent left many winded. One man was taken to the hospital after his internal defibrillator triggered.

I was physically fine after making the longest escalator climb in the city, aside from the inevitable sweaty, red-faced and frizzy-haired look this produces when it’s 85 degrees outside.

Normally, I wouldn’t be in Dupont Circle at that time, but I was giving a presentation at a Large Government Agency workshop this morning.

Sweaty, red-faced and frizzy-haired.

After my presentation, I then walked over a mile into my office. After so many of us made that breath-shortening climb, the Metro had been shut down and ever-so-surprisingly, taxis were slightly difficult to come by, so walking it was. I walk a lot, but not so much in a) 90 degree heat or b) heels.

As I was walking to my office I realized that I forgot my wallet at home. Normally, I would have just doubled back, since I was about 10 minutes, by Metro, from my apartment. But there was no Metro. I’ll survive. And inconvenience my coworkers by having to have someone let me in, through our auto-locked door, should I need to use the restroom today. Since I’m on Day 2 of my period, there’s a tiny little chance I’ll need to do that.

Lovelies, I’m SPENT.



  1. Your week really has been surreal.

    I mean… really. FIRES on the Metro.

    “Why were you late to work?”

    “The Metro was on fire.”


    Just think about it this way… a few weeks/months/years from now, you’ll come back and read this post and laugh. You will!

    And, hey! I’m on day three of my period! We’re almost in sync. The Moon Magick of our Mystical Yoni Power will bond us.

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