Posted by: jt | June 11, 2008

my life, as kafka novel

Perfect example of working attempting to work in DC. Perfect.

Email received this evening (emphasis mine):

The bureau information that you have provided we do not have listed. Please call the toll free number so that we can provide you the correct sub bureau information so that we can complete your profile request. The toll free number is listed on under the need help section by clicking on contact us.

Thank you for your patience

[name redacted] | Business Analyst, E²Solutions Customer Support Center, Military & Government Markets
Carlson Wagonlit Travel SatoTravel


You can’t even give me the number to call?

It’s layers of bureaucracy. I don’t have the right acronym, so you won’t help me, but I can’t get the acronym without making a phone call and I can’t make the phone call without going to the website.

Crazy pills. I am overdosing on crazy pills.

Needless to say, his thanks are wasted. I have no patience for this.


Update: I HAD the correct acronym. Someone else sent me the info I needed the following morning, with no additional information from me. Did I mention: [headdesk]


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