Posted by: jt | June 7, 2008

headline of the week

I have a few regular features in mind that, if I could figure out how to get them to appear the way I want them, would already be up and running.

My lack of technical ability. It pisses me off. Perhaps, one day, I’ll get to the point where what you see begins to resemble what’s in my head. Bah! (Any lurking experts on such things who want to offer advice…I am all about taking advantage of others’ knowledge!)

In the meantime, I bring you our first Headline of the Week. Normally, I would hold off on starting something until I have it just the way I want it, but I’ve had this tab open in my web browser all day. I haven’t been able to navigate away from it because I knew it was a temporary tagline and I couldn’t bear to lose it. So, voila!

News Cut with Bob Collins
Eyes on the sky
We’re told to expect “dime-sized” hail. A week ago, the hail was the size of a half-dollar, which just goes to show you the state of the American currency right now. (8:41 a.m.)

Admittedly, it’s more of a tagline than a headline, but it’s still lovely. I like my news with a side of snark, people, and leave it to Minnesota Public Radio to beat out the BBC for a headline I just had to post first.


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