Posted by: jt | May 18, 2008

move on dot now


When I go to I expect a pleasant experience, not a gag reflex. Gross. We’re not going to talk about what that picture looks like. We’re not.

Yes, that was a brilliant little piece of campaigning, to completely shift the dialogue from Hillary Clinton’s [yawn] thoroughly predictable landslide win in West Virginia.* Regardless, that is not an image I need to see. The flashbacks. They’re traumatizing.

You wanna talk tickets? Honey, I’ve got tickets.

Obama / Napolitano – Like it a lot, with the exception that it doesn’t necessarily bring another state. Of course, it does bring Arizona back into play. She’s a Democratic governor in a state that Bush carried in 2004. She’s from the West. She’s popular. She’s good on the issues. And yes, she’s a she.

Me also likey…

Obama / Sebelius – Like it a lot, except that I wonder if Kansas is too close to Illinois. Would the rest of the country view it as too many Midwesterners? Does geography really matter to voters outside of the South? She’s a Democratic governor in a state that Bush carried in 2004. She won reelection in 2006 – in fucking Kansas – by more than 17 points. She’s good on the issues.

And yes, darlings, there is a theme to my choices.

Let’s put a woman on the ticket and let’s be smart about it. Let’s add a governor for some executive experience. Let’s add a true Washington outsider to keep with this “change” theme. Let’s add a progressive who’s demonstrated the ability to win votes in conservative areas. Let’s add an experienced candidate who has successfully won a hotly contested race. Let’s move forward on and kick some Republican ass in November!

Pretty please?

For what it’s worth, now I think I understand why so many people don’t like politics. If your only news sources are mainstream media and you feel like you don’t have an influence on the process, this does totally suck. Happier thoughts? This will be my last election in DC. By 2009, I will be voting elsewhere. I don’t know where, but elsewhere. A mythical place where there are Senators, Representatives and Governors to vote for. Someplace where grassroots democracy isn’t just a buzzword, but an actual process in which people are engaged. I’m thinking maybe Oregon.

You think about Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius.

*If you haven’t seen The Daily Show coverage of the West Virginia primary…it’s painfully telling about how far we have to go.



  1. The coverage of the “opinions” of some of W.Va’s “finest citizens” made me sick. Thank goodness I had Jon to ease the pain.

    I loved his new state motto for W.Va. – “No Interviews Please”

    I’ll goodgle your VP suggestions (right after I google myself) and do some homework. Wouldn’t it be delightful if Americans actually did research and formed some enlightened opinions!?

    I feel like doing a remedial tour of W.Va.

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Countryfied.

  3. Thanks, Countryfied. :-) I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

    Mostly this post was a gut reaction to the picture on the Obama site. I loathe John Edwards and this shot just looks like a presidential ticket. In my mind, that’s just VILE.

    The title of the post is a play on the organization and “now” is deliberately duplicitous, referring to both an immediate need to move on as well as the National Organization for Women (NOW).

    So…the “move on dot now” post is really just a plea to move away from any sort of John Edwards vice presidential candidacy and towards one for a woman…and to do so immediately. :-)

    How’s that for a translation?

    Tangentially, I’m not particularly fussed if a woman gets the VP nomination or not. I want the best VP candidate to bring a Democratic presidency come November. Maybe that’s a woman, maybe it’s not. (It’s definitely not Hillary Clinton.)

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