Posted by: jt | May 17, 2008

possessors of premises may be liable for injuries to customers, guests and trespassers

Premise: You don’t choose who you’re attracted to. You choose what you do with that attraction, but you don’t choose how you feel.

This seems fairly straightforward to me. It’s also my eternally winning (or at least closing) argument with homophobes.

Problem: I don’t want to be attracted to the people I’m attracted to.

The latest in my long line of examples? Last night’s rapidfire banter and rather delicious exchange with one smart, successful, straight, witty, laid back, smiley, married man.

Tiny little flaw. Tiny, tiny flaw.

I honestly don’t want to be in a relationship right now. My life is about me. I’m utterly self-absorbed and this is my time to be that way. I like it that way. At least for now. And I like love the freedom of not having to account to anyone. At all. I have enough responsibilities in my world. I have no desire to add anything else to them at the moment.

Here’s what I’m clinging to: Perhaps, if the time comes when I actually want to be in a relationship, I’ll be attracted to people who are also available.




  1. I do think!

    and for now, I love your priorities and I hope they make you as happy as you are insisting they do because they are fabulous priorities.

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