Posted by: jt | May 15, 2008

you better wash you ha-aa-aa-aands

In the last month at work, I’ve researched stealing trees, deriving electricity from orange peels, and support groups for adoptive families. All of that is just another day at the office in my line of business.

I have a weird job.

One of my colleagues is working on a project on food safety issues right now. While dealing with the Large Government Agencies might drive us insane from time to time, the flip side of this work is when it becomes your job to go to websites like these.

Still don’t trust my taste in links? Have a little faith, dear reader. It’s food safety music. Yes, food safety music. The guys (and you know they’re guys) at UC Davis are even bigger nerds than I am. And I love them for it. Truly, what’s not to love about…

We are the microbes, my friend
And we’ll keep dividing
Till the end
We are the microbes
We are the microbes
No time for chlorine
Cause we are the microbes
In your food

Need further persuasion?

Upside inside out
Beware la vaca loca
It’ll push and pull you down
Beware la vaca loca
It could happen here
That’s what I heard on Oprah
It could wipe you out
Beware la vaca loca

There are videos too. Now, click yourself on over there.



  1. OMG. You have corrupted all those songs for me now.

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