Posted by: jt | May 14, 2008

my week, in review

You suck.

Actually, I don’t.

No, your ideas are mediocre and you just generally suck. I need more details on your sucky ideas.

Actually, my ideas are pretty freakin’ cool and I don’t suck. I’m happy to give you more details on my cool ideas.

Your ideas might be okay, but you’re in gross violation of our policies and expectations and you suck. I need more details on your sucky ideas.

First, that policy doesn’t exist. You’re either mistaken or you’re just being an asshole. Second, my ideas are interesting, comprehensive and fresh. Fine, have some more details about them. Third, I’m actually a pretty fabulous person, thank you very much.

No, your ideas really suck. I need more details on why they suck so much.

My ideas are fucking awesome, you fool. How many goddamn details do you need?

My colleague said your ideas are good. Perhaps they are adequate. I need more details on how they might, possibly, suffice. Perhaps.

Your colleague said my ideas are “excellent.” Because they are. Because I’m good at this. Did you look at the details I sent you yesterday before you asked me for more today, you psycho bitch?


Folks, don’t work with Large Government Agencies. It’s just not worth it. While it can be good for your self esteem, it’s exhausting.



  1. You don’t suck!

  2. Uh, no. You don’t suck. Not even a little bit.

    (Just to clear things up- this is a person at some other agency that is giving you this shit, right? Not a boss/coworker?)

  3. Oh, yes. This is a Large Government Agency employee. She’s well known for being a total spaz and general bitch. Doesn’t make it any less vile to deal with, but at least you know it’s coming.

    Indeed, while her vitriol has been known to reduce others to tears, it just pisses me off and forces me to, diplomatically, stand up for myself.

    Because I don’t suck. At least not at this. There are plenty of things I suck at, but coming up with creative, relevant, interesting ideas and writing about those ideas – that’s not one of them.

    It’s actually good for my self esteem, but probably not so good for my blood pressure. Or my time management. I can be diplomatic when someone is attacking me and my work, it just takes a helluva lot more time and energy.


    I should really do another version of this and add in the micromanager who was harassing me over this same time frame. It’s really been two weeks of ridiculous harassment. To put it mildly. Some might call it abuse. At this point I’m almost caught up on my work, but about a month behind in my personal life.

    Balancing work with life, now that would be something I suck at. ;-P

  4. Now, to focus on the positive…

    When you are done being annoyed: Balitcon. Plan. We can haz?

  5. At this point I’m almost caught up on my work, but about a month behind in my personal life.

    Knowing that, I am not cranky about not hearing from you. <3

    And just to reiterate: No, you don’t suck.

  6. I am not cranky about not hearing from you.

    Please…don’t be offended. I’ve been under a rock for about two months now. At this point, I’m counting the number of countries I owe people email in…and I’m wondering if I ever meet people outside of the Middle East and North Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Yemen…Pakistan! I owe a Pakistani an email as well and that’s neither Middle Eastern or North African.

    No religious themes in my life at all.

    [sigh] Tired. Cranky. Too much minutiae.

  7. *hugs* No angst now. I understand now.

    I’m just glad to hear more of what’s going on with you. A while back, you said that it’s scarier to NOT know what’s going on with me, than to hear the gory details? It’s kind of like that.


  8. […] right now. While dealing with the Large Government Agencies might drive us insane from time to time, the flip side of this work is when it becomes your job to go to websites like […]

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