Posted by: jt | May 10, 2008

a little late night schtick

I’ve said it before and will doubtless say it again: The BBC has the best headlines.

Great tits cope well with warming

Makes sense. They don’t like to be cold now, do they?


I also stumbled across this, which is the real name of a real church:

Church of the Holy Comforter

Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase “security blanket.”

It also just sounds like some ridiculously campy cult scene out of an Indiana Jones movie (or maybe a Mel Brooks take on an Indiana Jones movie). Can’t you just see a candlelit basement room filled with people chanting around an alter: All bow to the holy comforter…so warm…so plush… all bow to the holy comforter.

Do you suppose it’s filled with down or something hypoallergenic? Is this a welcoming deity, or a more exclusive one? i.e. Are there a chosen people of the holy comforter?

I thought this was just one, small, start-up congregation that was nutty enough to go with that name but, according to Google, it’s rather common. There are holy comforters in Virgina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado…

All bow to the holy comforter.

I’m so going to hell.



  1. Holy Comforter. I am still laughing.

    (And am I the only one who immediately thinks “holey comforter”?)

  2. I am amused by the “possibly related posts” titles on this post…

    * Wolf Blitzer Update:
    * Guess How Many Got The Holy Ghost At the UPCI Convention?
    * Prayer of the Day

    Yes. Related indeed.

  3. (Last serial comment on this post, I swear…)

    I also like the fact that the caption on the image in the BBC article is “Food for hungry mouths.”

    Someone at the BBC has a sense of humo(u)r. That’s all there is to it.

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