Posted by: jt | May 5, 2008

fandom overload (or MacGyver 2.0)

First – no love for Kafka, huh? Tough, m’lovelies. There’s more where that came from. ;-)

More to the point…my Coconut Records cd finally arrived and, with it, the fangirlishly appropriate “surprise gift” that is, indeed, perhaps worth waiting…10 days.


That, however, is could not possibly be more overshadowed by the news from my Google Alerts this morning. People, this is why I use them. Otherwise, it might have been days, possibly weeks, before I knew that



No words. This li’l girl has no words. There’s just too much to unpack with this news that I’m at a loss as to where to begin.

The obvious question is, will Lee David Zlotoff break my heart and cast someone other than Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver? That’s really not possible, is it? Really? I mean, seriously? There’s only one person who was self-effacing enough to ask if he could put on his glasses during the audition for the part back in 1985. To cite the current cover of Time – There can be only one – right?

I’m going to be my little delusional, idealist self and just assume that Mr. Zlotoff won’t make me cry and move on to other, far more fannish deliberations.

The real question, I think, is will RDA do it? He’s semi-retired, deliberately having stepped back from acting (and a ridiculously successful run on Stargate SG-1), to spend more time raising his daughter. *whimper* Plus, there is the inevitable physicality of the role and since the guy didn’t use a stunt double back in the 80s and 90s, he’s paying for it now. But that’s what stunt guys are for, right? Right???

*pauses to attempt to focus*

Too much. There’s just too much to think about. We’re resorting to bullet points. Because, lovelies, we are so coming back to this topic. Perhaps at a point when I’m less overwhelmed by the very thought that omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg MacGyver MOVIE. Okay. Focus, girl…

Mr. Zlotoff, please…

  • You must address Pete’s absence. Dana Elcar passed away last year and, there is no other Pete. Pete was in virtually every episode. No replacements, but you can’t have two hours of Mac *squee* without referencing Pete.
  • Murdoc was never resolved. I know that Murdoc can never really be resolved – that’s kind of the whole point – but…he’s a great character and worth resurrecting. Again. (And again.) I felt a little cheated that there was never a final Murdoc episode.
  • Just say no to Teri Hatcher. Do I really need to say that?
  • No Sean Angus Malloy either. It was a nice final episode but nothing featuring a son. Unless you can’t get RDA to play the lead, then perhaps. Perhaps. But we’re not thinking like that, are we? Sam doesn’t get to play this time, okay?
  • Jack Dalton is always good for a gag. Ah, nostalgia. There’s room in a feature film for Jack.
  • Puh-LEASE come up with something – a cameo, ANYTHING with Kai Wulff. Seriously. Better yet, give him four cameos as four different characters from four different countries. The hardcore fans deserve it.
  • Avoid a cliched plot involving terrorism. Please. Please, please, please. It wasn’t cliched in the 80s, but now? Mac is the antithesis of Jack Bauer. Leave the terrorizing to the Fox network.
  • Let us laugh. Mac was always a little tongue in cheek and dry-humored. It’s so RDA. So, so, so RDA. Don’t take it too seriously – it’s a little kitschy and that’s part of its charm.
  • Don’t preach at us. Too much. There definitely needs to be a soapbox – that’s who Mac is – but don’t cram it down our throats.

For those of you who are totally lost as to why I’m beside myself about a possible MacGyver movie, there’s a post (it really could be a book) in the works on the multifaceted and slightly unnerving role that this television show has played in my life. The ultra-condensed version is, MacGyver was the father I always wanted. I have a pretty good relationship with my dad now, but when I was growing up it was either screaming or nonexistent. Mac was, unwittingly, my fantasy dad. It took me about ten years to figure that out. And just this past year to realize that, hm, my love of nonprofits is also a rather MacGyver-esque value. That, along with nonviolence, anti-gun, environmentalism, international awareness, social justice, child advocacy, a never-say-die commitment to making the impossible happen in my job…

It’s a little scary.

More later. I need to try to calm down or else I will never fall asleep tonight.

A movie, y’all. A MOVIE!!! I know, in like 3 years once the thing’s been written and actually filmed, but WHATEVER! MacGyver. Movie.



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