Posted by: jt | April 8, 2008


I ran into you at the coffeeshop the other day, but it wasn’t you. I saw your face out of the corner of my eye and had to stare to verify – your hair was right and your glasses were spot on, but your eyes were totally wrong.

Now you’re sitting across from me on the train. The seat beside you was open, but I didn’t trust myself to sit next to you. Instead I sneak glances at your angular features. The nose that’s the same. The facial hair that you would wear. Your clothes are a little too tame, but they’re black, so I can imagine. Your hair is frustratingly dark, but it’s deliberately mussed and a little too long and that makes it almost perfect.

I keep seeing you when you’re not there. For the longest time I wanted you here. Now I’d just like you to go away.


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