Posted by: jt | April 3, 2008

scary arabs, happy french kids

Kevin’s got a great post up over at his brand new blog about the use/abuse of music to play on cultural stereotypes to manipulate people’s emotional responses to visual images. He’s a little smartypants – go read and enjoy.

It makes my world a little bit happier knowing that he’s giving people the tools to deconstruct the latent (and blatant) racism in our culture. And of course, in his brilliance, he uses examples that his audience (class) is familiar with but probably hasn’t considered critically, like Team America and 24.

Gotta say, as much as I love my work, I’m totally envious that this is his job. Bastard. Someday I will not have to go on fruitless quests for meetings with Republicans. Fuck yeah.

And because I can’t think of Team America without humming it, do remember that freedom costs a buck-o-five, m’kay? (If you’re totally lost amongst the references, go watch the movie. Now.)



  1. Yay blog!

    I will be linking.

  2. Oh and when are you going to post that Flickr photo I took especially for you??

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