Posted by: jt | March 30, 2008

what happens in the meadow at dusk

Strange things stick in my head. It’s been well over a decade since I read The Bridges of Madison County but its line about people putting their cameras away too soon stayed with me. I’m by no means a photographer, but I agree with the fictional Robert Kincaid – there’s something a little magical about the light when it’s sliding behind the horizon.

This is my first cherry blossom season in DC (unless we count the one where I was pre-verbal) and, despite the crowds, it really is breathtaking.

The naturally blue-tinged light makes it feel, to me, a bit like a Tim Burton movie or a Roald Dahl novel. It’s magical realism brought to life. Or, to put it another way, it’s the world inside my head, broken free.
These next shots give me pangs of compounded nostalgia. The cherry blossoms remind me of the dogwoods I grew up with in Georgia and the water is reminiscent of my Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. It makes me want to go home, to a place that doesn’t exist.



Cherry Tree Land is amidst the monuments and whenever I’m in the vicinity, I visit Mr. Lincoln. Without fail, the Lincoln Memorial always brings tears to my eyes and apparently the universe was feeling equally dramatic this evening.
My culturally Christian background made me half expect a dove to descend from the clouds and a voice to intone, This is my beloved son, with whom I’m well pleased.

Is it heretical to liken the Lincoln Memorial to the Baptism of Jesus? Ah, well. At least my condo in hell should be in a fabulous gay neighborhood.

The title of this post comes from I Heart Huckabees, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love everything about it and I’m not going to say anything else now because if I do we’ll end up with a 1,000 word blow job for Jason Schwartzman, Dustin Hoffman and the whole damn film. Enjoy.



  1. I’m so glad you didn’t put your camera away too soon. These are perfect shots.

    I have a photo of my son, he was about 9, standing in the Lincoln Memorial. He had his back to me and was reading the inscriptions. He looked so small and yet fierce. In a second shot he is gazing up at Abe and it appears as though they’re about to hug.

    Abe’s place is magical.

    And so are you.

  2. Beautiful!!

    (Now when are you going to get on Flickr…)


    Oh and next time, please size down the actual photos instead of just changing the dimensions, kthxbye. It freaked out in my RSS reader.

    Nit, pick… pick, nit…

  3. M’dear, you have to give clearer instructions than that. I just read Charlie Brown teacher noises. :-)

    (And yes…you were in my head when I deliberately took the camera with me instead of just getting lost in the blossoms.)

  4. Oh and also?

    I LOVE that part of I Heart Huckabees.

    I mean, I love the whole movie, but… yeah. This clip is one of my favorites.


    “You’re the Hitler!”

  5. I know. I can never decide which is more quotable:

    You’re the Hitler!


    We’re not in infinity; we’re in the suburbs.

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