Posted by: jt | March 24, 2008

who’d have thought that love could be so caffeinated?

I’ve been in a (perhaps understandable) funk as of late, but the clouds finally lifted this morning. Whether it was the copious amounts of sleep this weekend or the adrenaline that comes with the panic of shitshitshit I’m really pushing some deadlines, today was a highly productive day, which was exactly what I needed after weeks of stagnation. Real thoughts (posts) soon but, in the meantime, I give you happiness.

So many of my favorite things converge in this clip. We have the hilarious and brilliant Kristin Chenoweth singing a silly and obsessive song about lattes and boys on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, who is sans tie. In the realm of things that make me happy, you’d be hard-pressed to combine many more.*

Ladies, gents, all those in between – enjoy Taylor the Latte Boy.

*If we were going for sheer perfection, the piano would be a Steinway, Kristin would be in cuter shoes (I’m just not a peep toe fan) and Craig would be in a suit that fits and the blue shirt.

Yes, the blue shirt. There is but one. I swear, speculation about his sexuality would be immediately put to rest if people would consider wardrobe for half a second. Never has a man dressed any more brutally het. This isn’t radio, honey, it’s tv. The clothes are part of my entertainment. And you’re failing that subject. Dismally.

[sigh] The CFerg wardrobe rant…it’s always just below the surface.

Did y’all see Jon Stewart on Thursday? [swoon] The light blue shirt with a dark blue stripe, which highlighted the very subtle stripe in his suit, and a perfectly coordinated navy tie with white polka dots? There is a gay man dressing him in those Ralph Lauren clothes, darlings. [nods] And I thank him.



  1. I think Craig Ferguson looks lovely in his dark suits, white shirts, and ties of different colors. Most of the late night hosts wear white shirts.

    One night Craig said his suit was a Hugo Boss. I think his suits fit him very well, too. Who needs a colored shirt when one has such a colorful personality?

  2. Don’t get me wrong, Sally – I adore Craig. I critique because I love. And because he’s so damn lazy (het!het!het!) about his clothes, it’s pathetic.

    Happily, there’s definitely been a bit of an investment (just a bit) in the wardrobe in recent months. The newer suits definitely fit him much better. They actually appear to be his, instead of the sloppy I’m wearing my dad’s old suit look, which is exacerbated by his tendency to leave the jacket unbuttoned. The new ones are a closer cut that makes him look thinner (which he is) and stays in place better when he’s bouncing around.

    I’m not backing down on the need for color. Pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes (delicious!) just scream for color and the black/white combo doesn’t cut it. He should be wearing blues, pinks, greens, purples, burgundies and greys – both shirts and ties – all the time. Television needs saturated colors and since his complexion lacks that, he should compensate with his clothes. (Again, he’s on tv. Part of his job is the visual. Nature has served him well, if only he’d do something with it.)

    My biggest pet peeve is his tendency to wear yellow/gold ties and that hideous taupe/tan/baby poo suit. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of those in their own right (well, some of the ties should be burned), but colors with yellow undertones make Craig look ill. He just shouldn’t own any.

    As far as most of the late night hosts wearing white…Jon, Stephen and Conan all wear color regularly. (At least Conan used to – I seem to be otherwise engaged when he’s on these days.) Regardless, if all the other late night hosts jumped off a bridge…

    It’s a small nitpick, I know, but it’s a simple enough one to fix that it grates. I just love him too much to leave him in bland clothes. ;-) Realistically, you’re right. Craig generally looks lovely, but that’s only because he’d look lovely in damn near anything. He’s usually delicious in spite of his clothes. I want the clothes to enhance the man. ;-)

    [caging my inner gay man now]

    Yes. I am a blogger. Who doesn’t know Craig. But I know his clothes!

  3. “… but I know his clothes” – made me laugh and that’s half the battle!

    His eyes just scream to be surrounded by color or even black so they’d pop more on TV. I’d dress him, my inner gay man and my outer het woman would have a field day.

    Kristen is a goddess!

  4. “… but I know his clothes” – made me laugh and that’s half the battle!

    :-D And if you’ve got the other half, we should be in great shape!

    Kristin is amazing. I love her. (I love her, I love her, I luuuuuuuuv…) ;-)

    I also love how, no matter where I say it and no matter what else I say, my mention of Craig’s clothes always dominates the discussion. I’m not saying he isn’t a pretty, pretty man. I’m saying I want the pretty, pretty man in some pretty, pretty clothes! Who’s to disagree with that? :-)

  5. Wow, you pay a lot more attention to Jon Stewart’s clothes than I do!

  6. My dear, there’s a reason I have an entire category for my late night boys.


    Have you noticed Stephen Colbert’s propensity for cuff links? That makes me happy.

    In all honesty, I noticed Jon’s outfit because it was particularly impressive. Mixing stripes and polka dots successfully is not easily done. And it was all in lovely shades of blue that brought out his eyes. Plus, I can’t be bothered to delete him from my DVR, so I could go back and swoon all over again for this post. :-)

    I might be scary, but I’m not that scary. (At least not about Jon.)

  7. I have a Taylor. Except he gives me rum, instead. Similar name, too. I’m with you on the shoes (in a general, philosophical sense). I can’t say I care too much about Craig’s clothes. Does that mean my card is going to be revoked?

  8. I can’t say I care too much about Craig’s clothes. Does that mean my card is going to be revoked?

    No, dear. That means, despite him most graciously giving you Rufus, you still don’t watch Craig. If you did, you’d be annoyed by his wardrobe too…though not as much now that he’s finally wearing suits that fit.

    Love him. Just want someone to dress him.

  9. I’m just throwing this out there… Hayden Pantierre would’ve made a great Bella Swan.

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